Club Glotto


Player information

  1. Each number (1 – 45) costs $2 with your name to be written, by staff, into the Glotto book.
  2. The winning number is the FIRST number that drops in Saturday’s GOLD LOTTO of        each week.
  3. The winner will receive a cheque for $50.00.
  4. Names must appear in the Glotto book before being copied onto the board.
  5. Numbers can only be held if they are prepaid in advance.
  6. Number will be left blank if not financial and available to first taker with the $2.
  7. All numbers will be available for prepayment during January and July of each year.
  8. A maximum of $52 can be prepaid for each number (26 weeks).
  9. First-in, best-dressed for each number at the start of each block.

If the winning number is unsold, no prize is issued