Kid’s Squad – Rules

Billy Lids Kid’s Squad

RULES for members AND their parents

G’day and welcome to the Malanda RSL “Billy Lids Kids Squad”

We hope you enjoy this facility and trust that you will abide by the following rules to ensure that everybody at the Club enjoys their stay. We’ve launched this Kids Squad to make our Club more family friendly. By keeping the kids quietly occupied they stay happier and that means everyone else stays happier. These rules are set out to keep our environment safe, presentable and comfortable.

Kids- the equipment in the Bunker belongs to your club so, make sure you look after them and share them around. Don’t forget the rules you must follow on the back of your card.

To the Parents- the Kids Squad and the Bunker are to keep your kids from getting bored. It is not a crèche to just drop them off and forget. It can only be accessed if you are in the main bar area…i.e. Kids cannot enter the Bunker if you are down in the Restaurant!

You are responsible for your child’s behaviour whilst at the Club. Please make sure they are well behaved and supervised in accordance with our Club’s Code Of Conduct. It is not the staff’s responsibility to supervise them and if they are spending too much time ‘quietening kids down’ then the Kids Squad may be abolished. We need your assistance in this matter.

We aim to continually upgrade and renew the Kids Squad equipment so if you have any suggestions or toys, etc you wish to donate, please check with me.

We hope you enjoy this new facility and look forward to seeing you all at the Club.