Membership Renewal Form

Click the link above to download a membership renewal form. It includes the following message:

Dear Club Member,


We hope you had terrific year and look forward to seeing you at the club in 2018.

Also, a friendly reminder that your 2017 membership will expire at the end of January 2018. Remember you need to be a current financial member to access the club, for voting rights and to receive your benefits.

Membership is still only $10.00 p/person and your fees can be paid anytime at the Club or, if it’s easier, post your cheque or credit card details, with the details below, to P O Box 49, Malanda  QLD  4885. You can also prepay at the current rate for membership in advance. Hold on to your current membership card and we’ll just update your account. If you do need a new card though, just pop in and we’ll issue a new one. If you have already paid up, or you are a Life Member, please disregard this notice.

When you present your membership card to club staff you’ll receive your discounts on drinks, meals, draws and entertainment so make sure you bring your card with you. We are constantly updating our membership database so if you could please fill out the member information slip in the link above, we can update your details if anything has changed. There’s been HEAPS happening at your club so have a read of the new newsletter OR check out our new website at and “get on down” to the club.

See you here!

Regards, Jason Groves